Re-Branding Case Study–How Changing the Branding for a Homeschooling Group Brought Me Success


My first attempt at promoting an adventure club.


A few years ago, I started a homeschooling co-op specifically for others who were using the same curriculum we use, which is called KONOS. I made flyers and handed them out at our homeschooling support group. I gave them out at homeschooling fairs. I sent emails.

Finally, after a lot of work, I got two other mothers to sign up. As it turned out, it was a disaster. The co-op failed. Later, I tried to make it an adventure club. I got absolutely no interest, at least no one committed to coming.

A year or so later, I got an idea to re-brand it. I decided to call it Explorers Creativity Club. I found appealing artwork and created a logo. I honed the message of the club. I made it a monthly enrichment club where parents could come when they wanted to. There was no long-term commitment.

Although I still used the same curriculum, I just did the activities. Things like exploding volcanoes and going on scavenger hunts. No class time, no lectures, just creative fun. A time for parents and children to explore, have fun, and make new friends.


The re-branded look has brought incredible results!

The result? The response has been off the roof! From the start, I had tremendous interest and last year I hosted around 10 meetings, met a ton of people, and we all had a blast. Last week was my first event for the school year and I had seven kids. And the best result of all, my son made a new friend.

So what made the difference in this endeavor? Re-branding! I completely changed the scope, artwork, and messaging of my monthly get-togethers and the result was resounding success!

This may be the answer you need for a product or service that you have that you feel has flopped. Take it out, look at it with fresh eyes, and brainstorm on how you can re-brand it.

You never know: you may have a winner on your hands!

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