Want a Successful Brand? Be Bold!


So confession time. For many years I suffered with low-self esteem and extreme shyness. I believed that I didn’t matter, that there was no value in what I had to offer. As a consequence, I was too timid. I was not bold enough. And that has cost me dearly.

Now I am shifting my “stinking thinking.” I’m realizing the importance of boldness and starting to practice it more and more.

While it is uncomfortable, I know that it is the action that will get me where I want to be. So how can you be bold and how can that help your brand? Here are some ideas for you:

1) Find key influencers on social media, whether Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Look for people that you admire and you want to be like, that are where you want to be. Get to know them by commenting on their posts. Write about them and when you do, send a shout out to these people that you have done so.

Years ago, I asked a successful author if she would endorse one of my books. I had gotten to know her by commenting on her posts and asking for help. She was happy to endorse my book and she did!

2) Ask for help. Don’t be afraid to speak up. Whether it’s in a Facebook group, at a networking group, or in an email.

For months now, I have been struggling with a publication project that seemed dead in the water. Yesterday I finally got the boldness to ask for help in a writer’s Facebook group. I received several responses and even got offers from people wanting me to interview them for my radio show. Bonus! I need to ask for help from these groups more often!

3) Ask for what you deserve. Don’t undervalue yourself. Don’t think you have to ask “how high” when someone asks you to jump. Be confident about the value you offer to your customers and don’t feel guilty for asking for a price you deserve.

My husband, who owns his own architectural business, was vindicated today. Several months ago he received an inquiry from a nail salon wanting him to design some plans. They didn’t like the price and went elsewhere. Today he received a call from them and it turns out this nail salon had hired an architect who did things “on the cheap” for them and then went out of business. They were asking my husband to do a quick turn around and fix the problems so they could get it submitted to the building department.

My husband responded that he couldn’t look at it until next week and explained that he is very thorough and thinks holistically. Through that action, he boldly proclaimed he was NOT going to design cheap stuff and in a hurry.

4) Get out of your comfort zone. Try your hand at speaking, blogtalk or podcast interviews, writing a blog, publishing a book… whatever scares you, do it. When you stretch yourself, you activate that “boldness” muscle and the result, more action and movement for your brand.

5) When negative responses come, move on. Yes, it happens. I will not sugar coat the fact that sometimes you will be rejected. If that happens, just “shake the dust off your feet” and keep on moving!

It’s happened to me several times, and after I get over the initial shock I realize it wasn’t me that they were rejecting, but other factors at play. These factors could be that it’s simply not the right fit, not the right timing, or there might even be some jealousy or favoritism going on. Just keep your head up and keep being bold!

Boldness is key for building your business! And when you are bold, your brand will sizzle and your future dazzle!

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