Is Your Commitment to Success Bigger than Your Circumstances?

Is Your Commitment to Success Bigger than Your Circumstances?
It’s been an emotional, topsy turvy few weeks.

After the election, I have to confess that I was very disheartened. In fact, I wept, because I felt like I had lost my country.

Government only stands in the way of prosperity. Wealth does not come from government, it comes from hardworking people committed to pursuing their ideas that will better mankind. Wealth has always and will always come from free market capitalism. That is giving way to European socialism, and it is very scary to watch.

I saw the election results as a huge obstacle to my pursuit of this goal, that I would always be stuck in the same place that I am in now. It is not easy developing a product and getting it out in front of people! It takes time and effort for a target market to recognize the value you bring to them. And it seems like society does not value the small business owner or entrepreneur!

Then last Thursday I attended a teleseminar. It was life-changing!

On this call, I realized that I need to be more committed to what I want in life than to the circumstances that are holding me back. I needed to make an investment in me. Because as God’s child, I deserve better!

But the story progresses. Last weekend, I watched an incredible, inspiring movie, Faith Like Potatoes. In this movie, based on a true story, a farmer/pastor from South Africa takes a bold step. He plants potatoes even though the country is in drought. He did this as a step of faith: since he prayed for rain, he followed it up with a risky action, laying it all on the line for Jesus. The result? He had a bumper crop of potatoes! God came through for him, despite how impossible it was.

So after much prayer, I have taken the bold step I believe God is prompting me to take. I don’t know how it will turn out, but I know that just making a decision is the step in the right direction, one that will lift the fog that I’m feeling right now!

This is what I’m committed to: first, my business belongs to God. He owns it and He’s my CEO. In fact, He’s my King and I belong to Him. He is the only one I worship. My citizenship is with Him.

As far as down here on Earth, I am committed to being a transformational leader. That has always been my heart since I started my business. Now I have a fresh vision for it. I want to have a part in freeing thousands of families (including my own!) from being a slave to the system so they have freedom to raise their families according to their values. I am committed to helping people tap into their passions and callings so they can be equipped to help others.

I am committed to taking care of the needs of my family and friends, and beyond that, to be a giver. To bless others with what I have been given. I am committed to rising above my own personal circumstances and let God work mightily, so I can be a witness and encouragement to many.

I have been on this journey for many years now, but in a sense, I feel like I am just beginning.

What about you? What circumstances are holding you back? What do you want out of your life? What are you committed to?

Whatever that commitment is, you deserve better than whatever is stopping you! Join me today in this journey in taking a powerful stand to live out the callings God gave you, to get what you want out of life and business!

Because if you invest in yourself, you will have a life that dazzles!

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