Branding Definition-What It Is and Why You Should Care

Branding is one of those words that gets bandied around a lot. It loses its meaning after awhile.

So you may wonder, what is branding, and why should you, as a business owner, organizational leader, or artist, care about it?

In this article, I am going to share with you, from the perspective of a graphic artist and Internet marketer, a branding definition that will help you make a brand that sizzles!

You as a business owner, ministry leader, or artist need to pay keen awareness to brand building, especially in this Internet age we live in.

It only takes a few seconds for a prospect to decide whether or not to click on your link. Is your lack of branding or ineffective branding keeping prospects away from your product or service?

So if the answer is yes, then what? You need to build an identity, with an effective image, that sets you above your competitors. A brand that reaches your target market, brings name recognition, and furthers your brand visibility. A brand that compels an online visitor to click on your link, to subscribe to your mailing list, and ultimately, buy your products.

Even if you are part of a network marketing organization, a franchise, or direct selling company, you need to brand yourself.

Why? Because primarily you need to be investing in yourself. You need to have a way to distinguish yourself from other associates or representatives. And in the worst-case scenario where your MLM, franchise, or direct selling business goes bankrupt, you will have already built a following, a fan base. You won’t lose as much business because you have already built yourself as a brand, not that failed company.

So what is a brand? What is a good branding definition?

A brand is a logomark that encapsulates the unique selling proposition of a business.

But a brand is so much more. Here are just some of the things a brand does:

  • Communicates the identity of a business through that image or symbol.
  • Builds name recognition and grows in value over time as that brand gains visibility.
  • A successful brand brings customer loyalty, almost like a trusted friend.
  • Consists of a logomark and business identity name. Some brands contain only the company name set in a specific font style.
  • Distinguishes a company from competitors.
  • Protects ownership of intellectual property, especially if trademarked.
  • Can be a business or a specific product or service. Corporations have several brands that they manage.

What is your brand doing?

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Dana Susan Beasley is principal and publisher of AngelArts, a creative arts agency and publishing house, and the author of a 3-month graphic design and marketing course called brand Identity Quest. An experienced and creative graphic artist, she has been helping companies, organizations, and artists reach new heights in their branding for over 17 years.

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