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Design Portfolio–A Dance Flyer that Is Just Fun!

On Saturdays, I am instituting a new feature. Each week I will display an item from my portfolio!

Today’s item is a dance flyer I did for a local dance studio:

I did this in Photoshop, using a picture my client had. I used the filter feature to make it » Read more..

Brand Identity Design–Are You Shortsighted About Developing Your Brand?

We live in the microwave generation where we expect to get instant gratification. We want everything immediately.

And in these uncertain times, long-term investments seem too risky. A wait and see attitude pervades the country as we ride out a turbulent election season. Will we come into a time that » Read more..

Cost of Logo Design–3 Ways to Dramatically Lessen It!

Logo design can be expensive. In fact, most corporations spend thousands upon thousands on creating brands.

And even though cheap and free solutions run rampant online, obtaining one of these can result in a cookie cutter logo–it won’t stand out above the crowd because it’s not uniquely designed for your » Read more..