Business Success–Keep on Swimming in the Face of Challenges

Somehow while I was thinking of a title for this blog entry, I had a picture of Dory from the movie Finding Nemo. She kept on swimming in the face of huge obstacles.

I’ve felt like Dory a lot lately. Like I’m swimming against the tide. Exhaustion and confusion sweeps over me and I become lost.

That’s the realization I’ve made. I’ve got to keep on swimming no matter what.

And like Dory I will find success.

Because quitters don’t win prizes. Giving in to defeat is not an option. I may toy with the idea for an hour or a day, but I always come back to this truth:

Success in life is found in the intersection of persistence and desire.

I found that idea today while reading Napolean Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. You see, before I picked up the book and started reading, I wanted to give up in defeat. I felt useless, worthless and like all my efforts of late are futile.

Frustrated, I decided to rest and eventually I picked up the Napolean Hill book and started reading. It immediately caught my attention because it talked about not giving up when you feel defeated.

He told this incredible story of a miner who gave up his dreams of striking it rich after not finding anymore gold in the vein he was working. If he had dug a few feet deeper, he would have struck gold beyond his wildest imaginings!

The man who bought all the miner’squipment found this out because he got the knowledge necessary to become wildly successful!

So the lesson to me: I’ve got to keep on digging. Or, like Dory, keep on swimming!

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