Advertising Your Name As An Author–Why You Need a Brand!

You want to be an author. You are engaged in advertising your name as an author. Perhaps your dream is to be published.

You need a brand!

Why? Because your brand will distinguish you from above the competition, whether you are competing against the slush pile of an acquisition editor or the jungle of Amazon as a self-published author.

Watch the video to find out what a brand is and why you need one as an author:

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  1. Dana Susan…first of all, you are beautiful! Second of all, you hit the mail on the head. Last year, I noticed in Google Adwords that my name was actually a keyword with 79 search results…so I started writing about myself. It was kind of hard to do, but after a while, I made jokes about it and had fun. Well…guess what? Now, my name as a keyword gets over 2000 searches per month. Is that crazy or what???

    Use your name to brand yourself, people! lol!! It sounds silly, but it’s really the simplest thing – and the most effective – that we can do for our businesses. Great advice!!
    Christi Johnson recently posted..Easy Ways To Make Money In This Economy – Blogging Done Right!My Profile

    • Dana says:

      Thanks, Christi! That’s very sweet! What a great strategy! Whether you use a description brand or not, a personal name is very important. I like to use both! I have two lessons devoted to this very important subject in my branding courses and I explain the pros and cons of both.

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