Build Brand Recognition through Custom Christmas Cards

Now that Thanksgiving is over, Christmas is just around the corner. Have you thought about combining customer appreciation, brand awareness, and Christmas?

They fit together like a glove!

But why should you use valuable time and money to send cards and how do you go about it?

Keep on reading for some ideas that are sure to get your name noticed!

And you can use these ideas for personal use as well as business use, so read on!

1) Design and send Christmas cards because it improves customer retention. Your best customer is your existing customer! When you show that customer appreciation, you are encouraging them to turn into raving fans. That’s what you want! So that when you come up with a new product or service, they will be beating down your doors! A personal card with a unique design will communicate to them that you care. That you took the time to do something unique.

One of my clients (see card above, which I designed), an artist, has been doing Christmas cards for years. The people on her mailing list can’t wait to receive the card because they know it’s going to be something unusual. Now that’s name recognition!

2) Cards in the mail get noticed over email. Really! Think about it. What do you receive in your mailbox? Bills and junk mail, right? A card or letter is precious! The receiver of the card feels valued. E-mails are a dime a dozen and you are competing with many other e-mails. A spectacular card with your brand will automatically create name recognition and you will be on your way to creating raving fans!

3) But how can you create a spectacular card? With a scanner, some fabric, ribbon, and an original picture, you will have an unbeatable combination.

* Choose some fabric and ribbon, about letter page size. Make sure it’s not licensed!
* Scan it into computer at at least 300 dpi.
* Select an original piece of artwork, a photograph or painting. Scan it at 300 dpi.
* Layer the pieces together–use the fabric as a background, the ribbon as a frame, and the artwork as your centerpiece.
* Put your logo on the back with your address and website
* Include a personal greeting that complements your artwork

.4) Make your cards affordable by printing them through an online source. is my favorite source, and I have found them to be most cost-effective. They do great full-color work although the paper choice is limited. If you sign up for their mailing list, you will get great deals! Their cards come with white envelopes and they even have a mailing service!

5) If you want to choose semi-custom designs, has them available, or try or I plan to have some of my cards on these sites and will let you know as soon as I do!

6) If this sounds like too much work, hire a professional! I have been designing Christmas cards for years and would be glad to help you! But hurry, Christmas is around the corner and my schedule is already hectically busy! Just email me at for more info.

Want more information on how to create your own Christmas cards? Introducing my new special report on 17 Steps to Creating Razzling Dazzling Christmas Cards! Features step by step easy to understand instructions, a webinar with a detailed tutorial, including demonstrations in software, and links to affordable resources for printing, inks, and print on demand sites.

And for a limited time I am offering it for sale! Grab your copy before Tuesday and you will get $50 off the retail price!

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