Customer Service–How You Can Rise Above the Competition

MindsetAs I am writing this blog article, my husband is on the phone with our mortgage company. We have had nothing but problems with what should be a very simple request. One person says to do one thing, and another person says another thing. The sheer incompetence and apathy of this company is frustrating. He has been bounced from one customer service operator to another. All because they misspelled my name on one of the forms that has to be recorded with the county. This is causing my husband a great deal of agony and lost time.

While he talks firmly with these customer service people, practically telling them how to do their jobs and demanding to talk to supervisors, I am reminded how important excellent customer service is. In fact, excellence is so important!

By proving excellence in your company, you can set your brand apart. How can you do that?

By doing things right in the first place! Don’t be careless or apathetic. Be competent and treat your customers right. Make sure everyone in your company is up to speed and can handle various situations with customers.

There are so many companies these days who just really don’t care. If you want your business to shine, don’t be like this!

When you provide excellent service, your brand will sizzle and your future dazzle!

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