Brand Identity Design–How an Effective Logo Can Skyrocket Your Revenues

A recent consultation with a potential client got me thinking… What is the difference between a logo and a brand and why should you, as a business owner, care?

A LOGO is a symbol that describes a company, product, organization, or idea. It usually is comprised of a name and an image. Sometimes the logo is only the lettering itself.

A BRAND is an emotional connection, a kinship, that a company, product, organization, or artist has with a target market. A brand encapsulates the essence of an entity’s reason for being and communicates to an audience what is unique about it. An effective brand builds trust and credibility over time with its intended target market. It is a living relationship.

A LOGO encapsulates a brand’s message through visual means. But not all logos reflect a brand or reflect a brand accurately.

So why should you care about this difference?

If you only put a logo up that does not represent your brand, you will be missing out on leads, conversions, sales, and profits.

With a logo that does not communicate effectively your marketing message, your Unique Selling Proposition, you will confuse your prospects.

A logo that effectively reflects your BRAND will attract your prospects to you. Instead of pushing them in, you will be pulling them in.

You will create effective name recognition for your brand with a professional logo that accurately reflects who you are as a business. You will be building trust, credibility, and a living, engaging relationship.

And that will truly make your brand sizzle and your future dazzle because you will see increased revenues!

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