Logos for Companies–5 Steps to Creating a Serious Brand that Attracts Attention

Logos for companies communicate the Unique Selling Proposition of a business. A logo is more than an image, it is the representation of the company’s brand. A logo image is what helps distinguish a business from another, IF it’s designed effectively.

An ineffective logo will leave a company flat. It will not stand above the crowd. It will not be recognized and get any exposure.

This spells disaster for a business, especially a small business!

How can you create a serious brand that attracts attention?

Here are five steps that will ensure you get the exposure you need to skyrocket your profits!

1) Thoroughly analyze your business mission, goals, passions, skill sets, strengths, weaknesses, etc. The more you know about what makes you and your business unique, the better brand you will make.

2) Who is your target market? The more details you have on this, the better. What is the pain your market experiences? What are they afraid of? What solutions are they looking for?

3) Analyze your current branding materials. This includes everything. Your signage if you are a brick and mortar store, your website, business cards, blogs, email messages, newsletters, brochures. Look at these as objectively as you can and ask yourself these questions: a) Is there a consistent look to them or does your branding on all these materials look different? This can lead to confusion for your target market! b) Is your brand/logo appealing to your specific target market? Will it connect with them? If you make a modern, hip-looking brand, for instance, and your audience is affluent seniors, you will not connect with this audience. In fact, you will most likely turn them off. And vice versa!

4) Have the logo professionally designed. Do not use cookie cutter logos! Why? These logos are available to a wide market and not made specifically for your business. It will not be communicating your Unique Selling Proposition, you will not attract your audience, and your business will plummet. If you don’t take your business seriously, a prospect will not take you seriously. Your brand is your most valuable asset. Invest wisely!

5) Make sure your brand is professionally produced on marketing materials, websites, and collateral. It is a shame to have a wonderful logo and then produce a business card that is subpar. When a prospect visits your website and the logo is all jagged and fuzzy, they unconsciously feel distrustful of your business. It’s really a big turn off!

If you can’t hire it out to a professional design contractor because of lack of funds, learn how to do it yourself. Or at least learn about the process so you can outsource the logo design to any Internet freelance company.

Pay attention to these steps and you will have a logo that will attract attention and that means your profits will skyrocket!

Want to learn more about creating a brand that will attract attention? Take my free mini video course which includes a mini free report!

Ready to get more help? I am starting a new branding course for the Spring! The course includes a free trial until on or around February 29 and if you reserve your seat before February 9, you will receive an early bird discount. But hurry! Reserve your seat now before it fills up! Space is limited!


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  1. Dana,

    I have been concerned about branding for the past six months or so, and this information is really helpful for me. So…let me make sure I am understanding correctly: Are you saying that we should never do out own logos?

    If so…what are your prices? I need to stay budget conscious. 😉

    Christi Johnson recently posted..Easy Ways To Make Money – The Real StoryMy Profile

    • Dana says:

      Hi Christi! Thanks for the comment!

      Branding is very important and needs serious thought, not just slapping a logo up and hoping for a response.

      I am saying it is important to learn about the process of brand design. If you do it yourself, educate yourself about strategic analysis and graphic design standards.

      That’s why I created my graphic design course. I have a webinar program coming up in April that will really help you get your branding into gear. It is priced to be an investment well worth your resources. Watch for upcoming announcements about this.

      I also have an online tutorial program that you can take at your leisure. Go to http://www.brandidentityquest.com for more info. This is my most affordable option.

      Of course, I am available for brand consultation and development. Initial consultations are always free and I give an estimate based on the parameters of your unique project.

      If you become a student of mine through one of my brand identity courses, I give a discount if you want to hire me later on!

      Blessings to you as you discover your brand!

  2. Great article. Not the same old cookie cutter articles we see how there. It’s great to see fresh, new information. Thank you.

  3. John Jarvis says:

    This is a great post Dana, and like Christi, I think we need to talk. I had to design my own company logo and it is simply not my cup of tea. Things I hope will be settled down for us by April.
    John Jarvis recently posted..How To Webcast Live – Affiliate Marketing Meaning – What Is SpilloverMy Profile

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