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Brand Marketing Success–When What You Offer Lines Up with What You Say!

Today I experienced what it is like to be satisfied with a brand.

As an As Seen on TV fan, I had always been curious about Pajama Jeans.

The commercials always say that they are so comfy, that they’re just like sweats.

Well, it’s true!

The product really does live » Read more..

Courses in Online Marketing–How to Create Your Own Self-Study Marketing Course

Creating a course in online marketing is an extremely beneficial investment in yourself, especially in this information age where learning is literally accessible under the reach of your fingers.

Years ago, upon earning my Bachelor of Arts in English/Creative Writing, my college guidance counselor told me I was a good » Read more..

Brand Identity Marketing-My New FREE 10 Day Mini-Video Course!

These days, gaining brand visibility over a wide variety of mediums is crucial to a successful business, especially for online marketers.

But in order to be effective, your brand must soar above the competition!

How? By creating a compelling brand based on your authentic identity!

Announcing my new free video » Read more..

How To Start Business Without Money-4 Steps that Will Make Your Dream Into Reality

So you want to start a business and you have no money. How can you make your dream a reality?

In today’s Internet age, it is more than possible!

Here are some ideas to help you in your endeavor:

1) First think about what you are passionate about. What do » Read more..