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Courses in Online Marketing–How You Can Create Your Own

Courses in Online Marketing. There are plenty of them. The Internet provides endless learning.

This is what I discovered a few years ago as I embarked on my journey to learn everything I could about Internet marketing. This is a lifelong process and one that brings me much joy. I » Read more..

Make Money with Your Brand–Turn it into Gold with Promotional Products!

Making money with your brand. Is that possible? Absolutely!

One way to make money with your brand is to turn it into promotional products!

Promotional products are a great tool to increasing brand awareness.

Recently, I hired a dog groomer and she gave me a logo-branded key chain. Do you » Read more..

Just Finished a New Video for My Brand Identity Mentor Program!

I am happy to announce I finished a new video for my brand identity mentor program!

[stream provider=youtube flv=http%3A//www.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DwPSIfVB-8b0 img=x:/img.youtube.com/vi/wPSIfVB-8b0/0.jpg embed=false share=true width=580 height=400 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false /]

Want to get started on your brand image? Click here to sign up today! The webinar starts September 14 and space is limited!

Courses in Online Marketing–How to Create Your Own Self-Study Marketing Course

Creating a course in online marketing is an extremely beneficial investment in yourself, especially in this information age where learning is literally accessible under the reach of your fingers.

Years ago, upon earning my Bachelor of Arts in English/Creative Writing, my college guidance counselor told me I was a good » Read more..