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Business Advertising and Marketing Ideas–3 Ways to Create a Customer Retention Program that Will Raise Your Revenue

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Here’s a business advertising and marketing idea for you, the small or home-based business owner, that is often overlooked: treat your customer right!

How? By creating a customer retention program!

Why is this important? Because your current customer is your best customer. This seems to be forgotten by most companies, » Read more..

How to Make Brochures–Graphic Design Secrets that Will Make Your Brochure Sizzle!

So you’re thinking about making a brochure for your business. But how do you make brochures? And even more important, how do you make an effective brochure?

Basically, there are six stages of producing brochures:

  1. Initial Concept
  2. Writing
  3. Editing
  4. Designing
  5. Production
  6. Distribution

Fundamentally, brochures need to arouse attention and get » Read more..