Successful Branding–The Importance of Brand Strategy

Recently, I’ve run across many business owners who realize they need to update their Website, but they don’t understand the importance of having a brand strategy FIRST.

Here is a video to help you understand why it’s so important.


Is this something you are struggling with? Would you like » Read more..


Brand Identity Design–How an Effective Logo Can Skyrocket Your Revenues

A recent consultation with a potential client got me thinking… What is the difference between a logo and a brand and why should you, as a business owner, care?

A LOGO is a symbol that describes a company, product, organization, or idea. It usually is comprised of a name and » Read more..


Building a Brand Identity–What Exactly Branding Does

Last fall, Nathan Creed, my nephew and apprentice, helped me create a free video series called 3 Keys to Valor. Here is a little snippet of one of the clips. I think you’ll enjoy this!


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Building a Brand–It’s All About Mindset

dreamstimefree_168262Let me be brutally honest here. I’ve been hiding under my covers all day, running from my responsibilities as a brand expert.

You see, sometimes I get scared. I have huge dreams, and they seem impossible.

Because after all, who am I to achieve these lofty ideas? How am I » Read more..


Design Portfolio–Here is A Selection of My Work!

Here’s just a brief video of the work I have done. Each week I will share more of my portfolio. I have done a wide variety–logos, branding, brochures, web banners, promotional products, calendars, catalogs, business reports, flyers, advertisements, magazines, postcards, bookmarks, greeting cards, posters, banners, signage, notebooks, and so much » Read more..


What is a Brand?

What is a Brand?

In order to kickstart this blog, which I have sorely neglected, I am going to reach back into my archives and share one of the first instructional videos I ever made. This is basic and will serve as a foundation for everything you do in business. » Read more..


Freebie and Sale! Grab Your Copy and Reserve Your Seat Today!

Announcing my Spring Extravaganza Sale!

You can listen to my FREE podcast here!




Here is my special sale: You can get $10 off the first month of my Brand Identity Quest Tutorial Lesson Series. And for a limited time, you can get 22 days of the FREE trial » Read more..


Increase Business–3 Reasons Why Direct Sellers and Network Marketers Need a Brand

Make money immediately imageYou want to increase business and you represent a company as a direct seller or network marketer. Your home office takes care of your branding. Your business cards come from them and they supply you with your marketing materials that you need to promote your business.

But what if you’re » Read more..


Create a Publicity Campaign to Gain Visibility in Your Market!


The cover of my book project.

Maybe you are going gangbusters with your marketing. But you may have forgotten a very important part of your strategy to getting the word out about what you do.

What is that? A publicity campaign.

Why should you do a publicity campaign? It is » Read more..


Re-Branding Case Study–How Changing the Branding for a Homeschooling Group Brought Me Success


My first attempt at promoting an adventure club.


A few years ago, I started a homeschooling co-op specifically for others who were using the same curriculum we use, which is called KONOS. I made flyers and handed them out at our homeschooling support group. I gave them out at » Read more..