Crippled by Fear. What are You Going to Do With It?


As an entrepreneur and small business owner, fear can paralyze you. It can stop you in your tracks. Will you let it? Or will you find a way to leverage that fear, resulting in more success and bigger impact?

Sure, I get it. We’ve been there, believe me. Sometimes the » Read more..


What Do You Do When You’re in a Valley?


So if we could, we all would live on a mountaintop, right? We would always have enough. Actually, more than enough. More clients. More products sold. More services sold. More revenues.

But life is full of ups and downs. And business is no exception. What can we do when we » Read more..


3 Mindsets that Kill Your Business

LootYou may have heard the sobering statistic that more businesses are failing than are starting. So how can you, as a business owner, avoid becoming this statistic? Here are three mindsets that will hasten your failure and are to be avoided:

1. Looking for a quick fix or magic wand » Read more..


Tammie discovered her Brand Identity. Would you like to find yours?

A Note from Dana

So I kind of disappeared for awhile. So many responsibilities I’m trying to handle at once! But until now this blog was my last priority because frankly I wasn’t sure how it all fit into the big picture of my business.

But it’s becoming more clear » Read more..


Graphic Design Capabilities–Some of My Book Cover Designs!

On Fridays, I will be sharing some of the work I have done. With over 20 years experience in the graphic arts, I have a lot to share! Today I will concentrate on covers.

My book covers stand out!





Woman's Bible Study


Do you have a book cover you want designed? » Read more..


Building a Strong Brand–What to Include in Your Brand to Make It Sizzle!

calloutquote1Something all business owners need to know is what to include in their branding images. A strategic approach to this will result in more effective ones. And that will lead to more profits!

So what is an effective brand? How do you build a strong brand?

An effective brand reflects » Read more..


Advertising Your Name As An Author–Why You Need a Brand!

Are you an author or an aspiring one? What is the missing element that most new writers don’t even think about? How can you stand out above the slush pile? What if you want to self-publish? What do you need to do?

Find out answers to these questions in this » Read more..


“Selling Stuff”–What to Do When You Aren’t a Sales Person

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAToday I saw a post that made me think of this issue. An excuse I often see that prevents people from becoming entrepreneurs:

“I am not good at selling stuff!”

Want to know a secret? Neither am I!

Sure, I know branding, graphic design, publishing, and marketing techniques, but I » Read more..


Customer Service–How You Can Rise Above the Competition

MindsetAs I am writing this blog article, my husband is on the phone with our mortgage company. We have had nothing but problems with what should be a very simple request. One person says to do one thing, and another person says another thing. The sheer incompetence and apathy of » Read more..


Business Success–5 Essentials You Need to Succeed!

IMG_0069Last Saturday, I had the honor of being a guest on a local radio show. The topic was how to make a business wildly successful. Here are some ideas to help you succeed beyond your wild imaginings!

1) Integrity.

This is the number one factor of success in business. Truly. » Read more..