Brand Identity Quest Online Study Course

Tired of living paycheck to paycheck?

Ready to achieve your own dazzling future where you create your own economy?

Build a Serious Brand Identity Design,

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Brand Identity Design Online Study Course ImageBrand Identity Design–Is yours falling flat of your expectations? Are you invisible to your target market? Do you even know how to go about creating a logo identity design?

Discover a fresh vision for your life and business by finding your authentic identity! Create a professional logo, marketing materials, and brand positioning strategies plan that will make your brand sizzle! This will in turn help you achieve a dazzling future, giving you true opportunity in ANY economy!

Because when you use effective brand identity design, smart brand positioning strategies, and you gain new marketing ideas for small business, your company, ministry, or artistry will soar to new heights!

What is the Brand Identity Online Study Course All About?

Introducing my online course that will help you discover your unique, authentic identity. You will learn my secret sauce of graphic design and marketing techniques that will make your brand sizzle! You will come away with your own unique logo, business cards, and web banner as you learn step by step how to achieve brand identity design.
Plus, before you even finish the course you will have a strategic marketing plan all ready to implement. You will gain a fresh vision for your life and business as you thoroughly analyze your passions, skill set, marketing objectives, and more. As a graphic artist, publisher, and writer, I am an expert in branding and online marketing and my tutorials and mentor programs help business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, job seekers, artists, writers, musicians, and students learn how to create unique and effective brands for their lives and businesses, reach the right audiences, and solidify their visions and marketing plans.
Whether you are just in the planning stages of starting and opening up a new business, or have been in business for years, the concept of having an effective brand is one that should never be overlooked. Because your brand is your most valuable asset. And my program can be an excellent way to get back on track with where you want to be and how you want your target market to view you and your business as well!

Perhaps like my husband and I, you are a homeschooling family looking for ways to prepare your student for their future. This program is ideal! Every job seeker needs to learn how to market themselves. This course will prepare your students for whatever lies ahead, whether as an employee or entrepreneur. And you can finally get that “Plan B” so you stop living paycheck to paycheck!

You may have a student that is passionate about entrepreneurship and/or graphic design. This is an apprenticeship-like online course that will help prepare your student for his future. I will give live tutorials in graphic design software, giving your student technical knowledge she needs to succeed!

Plus, your whole family can benefit. Imagine being a stay at home FAMILY, owning a FAMILY business. Each member can learn the skills of entrepreneurship and basics of building a brand for new businesses. Consider this your launching business bootcamp!


What Do You Learn with the Brand Identity Quest Online Course?


  • You’ll discover your passions, skill sets, and callings and how to turn that into an effective brand image.
  • You’ll learn how to make a brand that attracts prospects to YOU!
  • What do successful designers know that you don’t? You’ll find out! In fact, I’ll tell you my graphic designer SECRETS!
  • You’ll learn the fundamentals of branding and the essential elements that go into designing a well-constructed logo.
  • You’ll get a case study of a brand in progress and my step by step tutorials on how I designed the logo.
  • You’ll find out how to make a professional business card and web banner that you will be PROUD to show off!
  • You’ll learn how to make a strategic brand plan that will help you increase leads, conversions, and SALES!
  • You’ll receive actionable assignments and receive feedback from me and fellow class participants.
  • …And much, much more. By the time you finish this online course, you’ll have a custom brand tailored to your Unique Selling Proposition and marketing objectives.

You will come away with a strategic brand marketing plan, a business name (or certain knowledge that you have the RIGHT business name), a slogan, and a well-constructed logo, all based on your unique passions and chosen target market! You will also learn how to design a business card, how to make a web banner, and where to get unique branded promotional products! I will lead you step by step through the process of uploading your files for business card production and share with you my graphic design secrets. These secrets will set you apart as a professional. Because when you take your business seriously in your brand identity design, your market will take you seriously.


The Brand Identity Quest Online Course Includes:

  • 14 interactive PDF lessons (Learn more about that program here)
  • 14 screencast video trainings
  • 24/7 lifetime access
  • Case study of a brand in progress
  • Software tutorials
  • Actionable assignments
  • Interactive worksheets
  • Mp3 recordings
  • Handouts
  • Surprise bonuses
I have designed this step by step branding system to be an investment well worth your time and resources. Your brand is your most valuable asset, and your future is priceless. Are you ready to take your life and business seriously? Are you ready to sizzle? Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to me. You will have access to your course materials immediately after you sign up! There is a 60-day money-back guarantee! Keep reading for more details! You can be assured of 100% safety with my secure server. Read below for more info. What do you have to lose? Sign up today! The sooner you get started, the sooner you will have a brand that sizzles!
What are the Specific Modules?

Module #1: Create a Vision of Your Brand Identity in Less than 24 Hours!
You will spend some quiet moments strategically planning the vision of your life and business, formulating vision statements, discovering your passions, skills, gifts, and more. In this module, I ask you a series of questions to help you completely understand your passions, callings, giftings, goals, and dreams. This in turn helps you to grasp your Unique Selling Proposition. These discoveries can also be used in a business plan or marketing plan, if you choose to write one.

Module #2: Definitions You Must Know to Get Started
This is the foundation for the course and in this module you will learn about branding, identity, marketing plans, logos, slogans and more. I will give plenty of examples to help you understand these key concepts. What is branding anyway? I will answer these fundamental questions.

Module #3: Persona vs. Name: Which One Are You?
This is where you will decide if you want to have a descriptive name or a personal name brand identity. I give you pros and cons for both, helping you decide what’s best for you and YOUR business.

Module #4: Essential Elements of a Well-Designed Logo/Brand
This module is jam-packed with the basics of graphic design. It’s a primer that teaches you all the facets of what makes up a professional logo. I share my secret sauce of graphic design techniques that is day by day getting lost in today’s obsession with cheap and free cookie cutter looks. Follow the principles I lay out in this section, and you will have a brand that sizzles!

Module #5: What to Do AFTER the Brand Identity is Designed
Your effectiveness is all about your brand positioning strategies. So early on in the process, I have you create your own uniquely-tailored strategic brand marketing plan. I share many different ways of marketing, both online and offline, and tell you how you can actually make money promoting your brand! You will have a holistic plan that will be ready to implement immediately after you finish your brand.

Module #6: Step One to a Brand Identity that Sizzles: Collect Information
In this module, I will share with you the questions professional design agencies use to gather identity information. You will thoroughly analyze your marketing objectives, strategic goals, and vision of your brand. You will analyze your current marketing materials to see if they are consistent and effective. If you don’t have a brand, you will research your competition to gather ideas.

Module #7: Step Two to a Brand Identity that Sizzles: Decide on a Name
Your business name is the most important factor when creating a brand. In this module, I help you create a unique name that communicates the essence of who you are and what you do. I give you tools to help you create your ideal name. I also give you pointers on what makes a good name and how to thoroughly market test it.

Module #8: Step Three to a Brand that Sizzles: Write a Slogan
Your slogan is part of your brand. I help you write an effective one that will truly create a buzz about your company! I share some key tools that will help you in this process, including an exercise where you write your own elevator pitch. I also talk about keyword research and demonstrate how to do it.

Module #9: Step Four to a Brand Identity that Sizzles: Develop a Design Strategy
Before you even start designing, I will help you create your ideal vision of your logo. I will show you step by step how to choose the components that will make up your logo. I even provide a place for you to sketch your logo.

Module #10: Step Five to a Brand Identity that Sizzles: Select A Graphic
In this module, I share with you how to find a graphic, how to make sure it’s high quality, where to find artwork, what kind of artwork is best for your brand. I also share why a personal photograph is an important factor when developing your brand. I share technical considerations when selecting your images.

Module #11: Step Six to a Brand Identity that Sizzles: Choose Your Colors
Color is an important way to make your brand sizzle. I will share with you how to choose your colors and give you a basic primer of using colors in graphic design. Psychology of color is  an essential factor in design and captivating your audience. I will share with you my secrets on selecting the BEST colors for you and your business.

Module #12: Step Seven to a Brand Identity that Sizzles: Select Your Fonts
Font selection can make or break your brand. I will share with you how to choose the best fonts for your brand, where to buy fonts, how to design with them, the dos and don’ts of typography, and the technical considerations that go into designing with fonts. This module alone can give you the tools you need to make your brand distinguishable from your competition.

Module #13: Step Eight to a Brand Identity that Sizzles: Put It All Together
In this module, I show you through a live tutorial how you take the graphic, colors, and fonts and make it into your sizzling logo. Throughout all modules, I build on an actual case study from a student who created his brand through my course.

Module #14: Step Nine to a Brand Identity that Sizzles: Produce It!
In our last module, I show you how to design business cards and web banners. I show you how to format your logos and what technical considerations you need to keep in mind to maximize the quality of your images. I also share what to do if you discover designing is not for you and some affordable resources for printing and design. I demonstrate how to upload a finished design to my favorite online printer.


So what is this brand identity program all about and what is included?

  • 14 video webcasts of teaching and training, including software tutorials and demonstrations.
  • Access 24/7.
  • Surprise bonuses that will make your brand sizzle and future sizzle!
  • Actionable assignments.
  • Case study of a brand in progress.
  • 14 interactive PDF lessons, bonus lessons, assignments, and bonus videos.
  • You will come away with a brand marketing plan, a professional logo, business card, web banner, and logo saved in multiple files.
  • Access to my regular ezine, BrandNotes.
  • Eligible for discounts for future programs, including custom design development and brand consultation.
  • Mp3 recordings.
  • Handouts.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Scroll below for more information.


So what if you know nothing about brand identity design?

This course is designed to show you step by step how to design like the pros.
Even if you decide to hire the design out, you will know how to manage your project more effectively. This will save you time, frustration, and MONEY in the long run!

How do you know if this works?
I have poured 17 plus years of knowledge and experience into my step by step brand development system online course.This is your surefire solution to saying goodbye to economic insecurity and to have that dazzling future you are desiring.I know, I am making a bold claim. But I can make that claim because I know my system works. It’s just what I’ve been doing year after year as a graphic arts professional and time after time I see results and I demonstrate my creativity and acumen for design.Need proof? Here is just one of the logos that I have designed over the years:
I entered this logo in a contest and won! I definitely got noticed. In fact, before I showed up 15 minutes before the deadline, the balloon festival company holding the contest was seriously worried because they did not like any of the previous entries.. They wanted to run after me and jump and down with excitement, “You won!”But instead they sent me a nice congratulatory letter and announced to me that I had won and that I could  claim my prize—riding in a hot air balloon! I took my company AngelArts to new heights that day! Want to see more of my portfolio: Click here to see my brand identity design and other work!
Okay, so you know I can design, and I can design well. But what do others think? Here’s one client’s view: 

“Dana’s work is excellent, is very professional, thorough in everything she does!” —Deborah Nelson, Author Your Dreams Publishing
Not only can I design, I have been a teacher for many years to a variety of ages, from little ones to senior citizens. I love helping people learn new things, and I especially love teaching one on one!

So I know you want to start on your dazzling future. But you’re probably wondering if the branding system really works.

I know it will. But you don’t have to take my word for it…
An example of what’s included in Module #1 –
  • You’ll learn… Why cheap and free is not always best
  • You’ll learn… Why you MUST have a unique brand for your business to get noticed
  • You’ll learn… How to create a vision of your brand with 20 essential questions
  • You’ll learn.. A step by step guide to assessing and discovering your unique passions, callings, skill sets
  • You’ll learn… How to clarify your life and business vision so you can experience ultimate success
  • You’ll learn… What an effective brand can do for you and much, much more!

I will be sharing real-world examples, little-known graphic design resources, and plenty of tips and tricks of the branding and design trade. You will come away not only with an effective brand you design yourself, outsource, or have me professionally design, you will develop a strategic marketing plan you can implement immediately. You will also come away with a knowledge of the process of design, so even if you outsource your logo and marketing material designs, you will be more effective at managing the projects. And plus, all PDFs are interactive, so you can type directly in the document!

An effective brand costs companies thousands and tens of thousands of dollars! A brand is your most valuable asset! Invest in it and yourself by becoming involved in my online course starting immediately! The result? Increased leads, conversions, sales, and PROFITS! And most of all, a sizzling future, one that is dazzling and bright!

And even if you are re-branding, my program will help you identity what is and is not working for you. Through my step-by-step guidance, you will thoroughly analyze the visual component of your business and gain valuable insight on how you need to improve it, including if you need to re-name your business entirely!

So what are you waiting for? The longer you delay your Brand Identity Quest, the more time it will take you to establish your name recognition. The flipside is true, also—the quicker you get started building your brand identity, the quicker you will see results! The quicker your brand will sizzle! The quicker your LIFE will sizzle!

Hurry! Get started on your dazzling future right now! Don’t miss this opportunity to unmask your authentic identity!


Do you have a guarantee?

After you read the sample and seen my portfolio, still not convinced? Read this!

I will return your money at the click of a mouse if you’re unhappy

What if you want more information?You can always call me at 719-785-4814 or info@angelarts.bizHow do you sign up?Just click on the secure order button below and go on your own unique Identity Brand Quest!You will have immediate access to all facets of my online course.

I also want you to receive ongoing support and updated information to help you reach new heights in your business and beyond. I will be sending you my free weekly ezine, BrandNotes.

I understand that I will receive:
  • 14 webcast videos
  • Easy-to-understand instructions
  • 14 PDF document lessons
  • Actionable assignments
  • Expert knowledge on how to build my brand effectively
  • Strategic brand marketing ideas
  • Practical ways to turn my logo into gold
  • Tips, tricks, and techniques on how to create a logo
  • Steps on how to turn that logo into a brand
  • My FREE bonuses AND surprise bonuses
  • Case study of a brand in progress
  • My FREE ezine BrandNotes for sizzling brand ideas!
  • Mp3 recordings
  • Handouts
This program could easily retail at $397 or more

but I am offering it for a
limited time for just $197!
That’s less than $15 per module and includes
lifetime access to my program!Sign up now before this price goes up!

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