Believing in YOU—Essential to Your Branding Success

Treasure in hand

What makes or breaks your success? What one false belief could derail your future? What mindset could kill your dreams?

A lack of self confidence. A lack of believing what you have to offer has value. Not believing in YOU!

Not long ago, I sat down with a potential client in a strategy session. I could tell that lack of self confidence was causing her business to stifle. I told her this message, and it came from my heart, because it’s an issue I also struggle with:

“God does not make junk. You are a treasure.”

It took me years to come to that conclusion about myself. I’ve always thought there was something “different” about me, that people didn’t like me, that I was not valued and that I didn’t matter or that I didn’t count.

These attitudes stalled my business endeavors. These attitudes almost ruined my marriage. These attitudes threatened to keep me from reaching my dearly held dreams.

At some point through all my searching for answers, I realized this: God made me. He gave me the talents and gifts and dreams I have. If I believe that what He gave me is garbage, than I am dishonoring God.

No, I realized. God does not make junk. I am His treasure.

And so are you. He gifts each and every person with a unique calling in this world. You have an important job to do because people need your gift. But the question remains, do you believe in YOU?

Without this belief in yourself, why would potential customers believe in you? Why would they trust you if you don’t even trust yourself? Why would they value what you offer if you don’t value what you have to offer?

How can people tell? It might be in your speech, the way you put yourself down, it could be in your appearance, that you don’t take enough care to look professional, it may be in your branding, that your logo image is amateur looking.

Whatever the case, your first step is to identify the fact that you lack self confidence, and then start identifying why. Take these blocks away and start building confidence. I like to think of it in even stronger terms: Develop GOD confidence!

Then correct those avenues where you are communicating a lack of self confidence, whether it’s in your speech, your appearance, or brand!

Do that and you will have a brand that sizzles and future that dazzles!

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