Don’t Kill Success with Perfectionism


Perfectionism. It’s what stops aspiring entrepreneurs in their tracks. It’s sad. I see it time and time again where a great idea is born, but the bearer of that idea won’t put it forth because it has to be “perfect.”

Your brand is like a game. If you want to win, you have to get in there and play! You can’t play if you won’t get in the field because you are afraid of failing. Because you don’t want to play unless you’re perfect.

A few years ago, I once was hired by a chiropractor who wanted me to help him with a presentation of a new service. He never completed his contract because before I could barely begin work, he decided he needed to re-brand everything. He never, to my knowledge, moved forward because he was so focused on perfection.

This false belief that your work has to be perfect before you put yourself out there is a roadblock that will kill your success.

What should you aim for? Of course, excellence. But realize there will always be something you want to change about your branding, marketing materials, and products. There’s always room for improvement!

But if no one sees your brand, you will not have visibility. And that will lead to less clients that you are attracting which will lead to less sales!

I like how many Internet marketing gurus put it: “progress, not perfection.” Take baby steps.

When I became a homeschooling teacher to my son, which is a huge responsibility, my wise sister-in-law told me this:

“How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”

Those words apply to business owners. If you want to have success, then let go of perfection. The success of your business depends on the speed that you get your brand and products to the marketplace. Far less “perfect” brands and products that are seen by the public will do better than a superior brand or product that has not been unveiled because it’s not “perfect.”

Lay aside perfectionism. Play the game. Who knows. You might fail. But you will have already succeeded because you have become part of the action.

Let your brand be part of the action and you will sizzle! And your future will dazzle!

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