Investing in Yourself–You Are Worth It!


“Because you’re worth It.” Remember that old L’Oreal commercial for hair color? If you’re over 40 like me, you might recall. It starred Meredith Baxter-Birney and in it she demonstrates vividly that choosing premium hair color is worth the extra cost.

You also are worth it. As a business owner, you are worth investing in. Without it, you will die. Your business will die. Investing in yourself causes growth. It is a process. It takes nourishing, waiting, sowing, and harrowing.

Like planting a vineyard. You need seed, good soil, fertilizer, pruning, water, sunlight…

Your business needs certain things to in order to grow. First you have to create a vision and mission for your business. Why do you exist? Whom are you serving? What is the purpose for being in business? These questions take time and thought to answer.

You need good soil. The right target market. If you attempt to reach the wrong market, you will experience frustration, lack of clients, and eventually your business will die if not corrected. Reaching your target market takes an investment.

For instance, for the first year my husband and I used Craigslist to promote his architectural company. But it is attracting cheap clients who want something for nothing. While we made some money using this free platform, we are realizing that if we want to reach the right clients–those who value quality over price–we need to pay for that advertising. We need to go where they are and they are probably not on Craigslist.

Your marketing materials are like fishing poles. If you are trying to catch fish (your clients) then you need the proper equipment (fishing pole, hook, bait). That requires investment in branding that expresses accurately the essence of who you are as a business. That requires marketing materials that communicate your message effectively to your prospects and gets them to buy from you or sign up with you. Cheap and free is not investing in yourself. It is the easy way out.

But ultimately, these free or ultra inexpensive options only lead to stagnation. You hurt your credibility. It’s like driving through a cookie cutter neighborhood. It’s easy to get lost. When you use cookie cutter logos and marketing materials, you are confusing your prospects. And they will not find you. You will lose business.

Do you believe you’re worth it? Do you believe that what you have to offer is worth it? After all, how much is one customer worth to you?

Stop using sub-par branding, cheap graphic design, and free marketing material templates. Invest in yourself and your business and you will grow.

And your brand will sizzle and your future dazzle!

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