Building a Strong Brand–What to Include in Your Brand to Make It Sizzle!

calloutquote1Something all business owners need to know is what to include in their branding images. A strategic approach to this will result in more effective ones. And that will lead to more profits!

So what is an effective brand? How do you build a strong brand?

An effective brand reflects accurately who you are and what you do. It includes a well-constructed logo. This logo includes components that enhance the overall message you are trying to communicate with your brand. An effective logo is designed professionally with balance, composition, and most of all, appeal to the audience it attends to reach.

Can I show you an example of some of the components to include in your brand?

Here are some ideas to include in your branding:

  • Your identity (Business) name
  • Image/symbol
  • Slogan or tag line
  • Your personal photo
  • Your name (if you use a descriptive name for your company)

Now you might be surprised that included a photo of yourself and your name. Why do I suggest that?

Because including a photograph of yourself and your name is extremely important in this Internet age. Marketing these days is all about building relationships. Actually, marketing has ALWAYS been about building relationships. It’s even more important today!

Your prospects want to know that you are a real person. As the famous movie Wizard of Oz illustrates, you need to come out from behind the curtain and show that you are real!

How can you get started with building this strong brand?

The first thing you need to do is list each component you want in your brand in order of importance. Always think about what it is you want to communicate. What message are you trying to get across?

And then you need to be consistent across all mediums. Of course you can alter your brand in certain situations by leaving off your slogan, personal photo, and name as long as you maintain the integrity of your brand.

When you strategically decide what to include in your brand, you will be building a strong one. And that is going to make your brand sizzle and your future dazzle!

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