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Business Success–Keep on Swimming in the Face of Challenges

Somehow while I was thinking of a title for this blog entry, I had a picture of Dory from the movie Finding Nemo. She kept on swimming in the face of huge obstacles.

I’ve felt like Dory a lot lately. Like I’m swimming against the tide. Exhaustion and confusion sweeps » Read more..

Design Portfolio–A Dance Flyer that Is Just Fun!

On Saturdays, I am instituting a new feature. Each week I will display an item from my portfolio!

Today’s item is a dance flyer I did for a local dance studio:

I did this in Photoshop, using a picture my client had. I used the filter feature to make it » Read more..

Software that Will Propel Your Business to New Heights!

Okay, so I admit it! I am a software junkie! One of my favorite pastimes is looking at the App Store on my computer.

But software can be very expensive, especially professional programs.

What software do you really need to have to propel your business to new heights and how » Read more..

Struggling? Here are 3 Steps to a Dazzling Future

It seems like in this world, many are experiencing hard times, whether financially, emotionally, spiritually, or physically.

I thought it would be a good time to share this video again. I have been “through the ringer” as they say. Here are some key life lessons I learned along the way. » Read more..

Software that Will Propel Your Business to New Heights–Photoshop!

Awhile back I suggested that the number one software you should have in your business arsenal is financial software.

Here is the one for today’s post:

Image manipulation software

First of all, what is this? Image manipulation software allows you to crop, size, format, and enhance photographs and artwork.

Why » Read more..