The Secret to Any Problem, Even in Business!

I’m curious, on this Valentine’s Day, how’s your love life? And how is that effecting your business?

I don’t mean your earthly relationship–I’m talking about the relationship you have with the Lord Jesus. Have you lost your first love?

Because without His love pouring out in your life, you will struggle in your relationships. In every area of your life, actually, even in your business.

Without believing in your worth, you will not be able to attract customers to your business. Something will always hold you back.

For me, pursuing my relationship with Christ is essential. It is the central pillar of my life. A daily quiet time is something I MUST do. Because God is my CEO.

Perhaps you’re having a hard time knowing where to start, or maybe you have this sick feeling that you will never be where God wants you to be.

Plus, your busy schedule always seems to get in the way of having dedicated quiet time. Or you don’t know where to start so you try nothing.

Maybe you are experiencing what I’ve experienced many times–so overwhelmed by challenges that you feel like a sinking ship, like you’re drowning. Or being choked by desperation. It could be financial problems, problems with your business, marital problems, problems with your children, with your extended family, challenges you are facing with your health.

Whatever it is, you feel like your problems are overtaking your life.

Can I ask you some questions about that?

What’s that like for you? How is that affecting your life and business–your relationship with the Lord, your marriage, your parenting? Your ability to magnetize clients? What do you want instead?

Maybe you want to be secure in God’s love, no longer living in fear, but living in a vibrant love relationship with Him that will get you through any hardship and ultimately glorify Him.

Maybe you want to truly believe in yourself so others will believe in yourself and your business can grow!

Perhaps you want to be closer to Christ. You want to rekindle your love for Him. After all, as believers we are God’s Bride and are destined for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

How would it feel if you got that? If you prepared for that ultimate day starting NOW!

That would be an incredible way to live, wouldn’t it?

Can I share something with you? God sees you as a jewel. He sees you as worthwhile. He sees you as a precious treasure. He sees you, yes, as His bride!

How do I know that? I’ve studied key passages about Jesus’ love for for years. It is changing my “stinking thinking” and has completely transformed me. I have gone from a very insecure person filled with self-hatred and self-rejection to a woman willing to embrace new, scary challenges. By studying these passages, I have come to accept that God has called me as an entrepreneur and I am gaining victory over the feelings of worthlessness that held me back for years and years. I have more peace and joy and love than ever before! Because I know Jesus’ loves me and He’s going to see me through even the very hardest of times.

That’s why I know that Jesus sees you as beautiful. If He can do that for me, He can do that for you.

If I could help you get that kind of security, that kind of transformation, would you be interested in hearing more?

Well, read on to find out more!

Here’s how I can help you. You know how some people don’t understand Jesus’ love for them or don’t even know how to have a quiet time or don’t think they are worthwhile? I help them find a solution to these problems by showing them how God sees them by guiding them through amazing passages of Scripture.

I help believers become closer to Christ through a quiet time guide called Falling in Love with the Bridegroom Devotional. These are not my words. I am giving you a plan of around 100 verses that you can read, meditate on, soak in, and journal about.

These are verses that will deeply impact your life. Because they are all carefully selected verses to help you fall in love with Jesus, your Bridegroom.

And don’t worry. I never encourage taking the Word out of context. In fact, I stress reading the passages in their full context in whatever versions you are most comfortable with. Go to the Scripture first and foremost! This is just a plan to help you achieve your goal of becoming more intimate with Christ.

I give you questions you can ask to get the most out of your study of God’s Word. I help you create a beautiful quiet time with the Lord by sharing with you some ideas based on tried and true principles handed down to me by godly men and women. I help you gain insight into how to have quiet times when you are frantically busy, even if you have young ones and never can get a moment to yourself.

And plus, I make it very convenient. You can either print out the journal pages and write on them or you can type your responses interactively into your desktop.

How does that sound to you?

Imagine you were able to focus on God’s character and on His love for you instead of dwelling on your problems or living in insecurity and fear. How would that benefit your whole life? What would it be worth to you? Imagine if you were able to take bold risks in your business because you know God believes in you and therefore you can believe in you?

To me, Jesus is worth everything. He asks me to love Him with my whole heart, soul, and mind. But this can be difficult if you can’t grasp in your heart how much He loves you. Even if you know that He died for you, that is knowledge in your brain. It has to travel a few inches down, or deep into your soul. I know this because I have experienced it and now I want to help you overcome this thinking.

So you know you want that. What’s the next step?

Take advantage of my special flash sale! This is my special Valentine’s Day gift to you! A gift of God’s love!

How can you take advantage of it?

I have reduced my Falling in Love with the Bridegroom Devotional to a phenomenal price.

Today only you can purchase your copy for $2.

Two dollars for months and months of incredible passages that will bring you closer to Christ and transform your life.

What do you think? Is your relationship with God worth that small investment?

After all, you spend more money on a cappuccino at Starbuck’s or a smoothie at Kiva Juice.

But maybe right now the thought of spending $2 is overwhelming to you.

If it wasn’t for the money, is this something you would want to move forward with?

Think about this. What is it costing you to live in this overwhelm and insecurity? Is it costing you success in your business? If you don’t invest in yourself and in your relationship with your Savior, where is it going to lead you? Are you going to reach the goal that you are committed to, of growing in godliness? Will you be able to love others if you don’t realize yourself how much you are loved and fall head over heals in love with Jesus?

Think about the $2 as a gift to God for Valentine’s Day. After all, didn’t you spend more than that on a card for your husband? I know I did!

Perhaps you are concerned about the time involved in completing this devotional.

Can I ask you a question? If I waved a magic wand that created plenty of time in your schedule, is this something you would want to move forward with?

What would your life be like if you chose to spend time with Jesus learning how you can fall in love with Him instead of worrying about your problems constantly?

I heard a terrifying statistic awhile ago. Less than four percent of Christians have a quiet time. No wonder the church is in so much trouble right now. Do you want to be in that statistic or make it change?

If you don’t spend the time on your relationship with Christ now, how is this going to effect you in the future?

Can I share what I see is possible for you if you were to do this devotional?

You will know how to focus on the character of Jesus and His love for you rather than focus on your problems and worries. You will be transformed day by day into the person God wants you to be. And you will know where He wants you as you seek Him with your whole heart, with total love and adoration. You will have the courage to take leaps of faith in your business so that you will achieve success.

So I’m wondering, if you don’t make this a priority now, what will happen?

Isn’t Valentine’s Day a perfect time to start? After all, how important is your relationship with Jesus to you?

And what would it take for you to be able to really live this dream?

Just like when you fell in love with your husband, it took an investment of time and money.

So I’m wondering if you did create the time and if you did really trust and have that faith–had the courage and went for it–how would that be?

Are you ready to create that time for God, for yourself?

Then click here to grab your copy before it’s too late! The sales ends at midnight Eastern time tonight! You will be taken to my 100% secure server.

And enter the coupon code FLASHSALE upon checkout to get your special Valentine’s Day Gift!

May you have an amazing Valentine’s Day filled to the brim of God’s abundant love and may you pour that love on others around you so God gets all the glory!

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