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What is a Brand and Why Should You Care?

What is a brand and why should you care? I mean, all you need is a logo and you’re good to go, right?


A logo is more than putting a pretty logo up and hoping for results. What businesses, organizations, professionals, and artists of any kind need is strategic » Read more..

The Economy Today–Create a Dazzling Future in Any Economy!

What if you could have a dazzling future regardless of what the economy is doing?

You can!

This is my passion–to help individuals and families create dazzling futures for themselves!


Listen to this audio to find specific ways you can have a dazzling future NOW!

Graphic Design Portfolio–A Trip Down Memory Lane

In today’s post, I thought I’d give you an idea about the breadth of my creative experience. So here goes:

Here are some that I’ve done:










Ministry Report cover (4-color process) for The Navigators.







  » Read more..

Advertising Your Name As An Author–Why You Need a Brand!

You want to be an author. You are engaged in advertising your name as an author. Perhaps your dream is to be published.

You need a brand!

Why? Because your brand will distinguish you from above the competition, whether you are competing against the slush pile of an acquisition editor » Read more..

Brand Marketing Success–When What You Offer Lines Up with What You Say!

Today I experienced what it is like to be satisfied with a brand.

As an As Seen on TV fan, I had always been curious about Pajama Jeans.

The commercials always say that they are so comfy, that they’re just like sweats.

Well, it’s true!

The product really does live » Read more..