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Build Brand Recognition through Custom Christmas Cards

Now that Thanksgiving is over, Christmas is just around the corner. Have you thought about combining customer appreciation, brand awareness, and Christmas?

They fit together like a glove!

But why should you use valuable time and money to send cards and how do you go about it?

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Learn How to Design Unique Christmas Cards!

Got Christmas cards? Do something unique this year! Find out more about how you can razzle dazzle your friends, family, and customers! Sign up today by clicking here!


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How to Make Brochures–Graphic Design Secrets that Will Make Your Brochure Sizzle!

So you’re thinking about making a brochure for your business. But how do you make brochures? And even more important, how do you make an effective brochure?

Basically, there are six stages of producing brochures:

  1. Initial Concept
  2. Writing
  3. Editing
  4. Designing
  5. Production
  6. Distribution

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Print design ideas—So is print design obsolete?

In this age of Internet marketing, you may be wondering, is print design dead? Well, let me ask you these questions?

What role did, if any, will print design play in the 2012 election?
How does print design help businesses? Churches? Charities? Artists?
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