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Find Your Brand–Why Start-Up Companies Need to Do More than Put a Pretty Logo Up!

Facing financial hardship and need to find a long-term solution out of it by starting a business at home?

Or perhaps you are a transitioning professional who wants to stop relying on your employer but build a viable, thriving income for yourself.

You may be a high school or college » Read more..

The Netflix Fiasco–Why Listening to Your Customers Is So Important

Today I read an interesting article about Netflix and how they’ve lost 800,000 customers. More than likely you are aware of this fiasco made by the CEO of one of the biggest video rental companies in the US.

The CEO decided to split their product in two and raise their » Read more..

Steve Jobs–Remembering Apple’s Visionary Founder

Earlier today, I was shocked to learn that Apple’s founder Steve Jobs died. I had talked about him very recently in my Brand Identity Quest webinars. He has had a huge influence on my life!

In fact, I would not have become a graphic designer without him!

When I was » Read more..