Make Money with Your Brand–Turn it into Gold with Promotional Products!

Making money with your brand. Is that possible? Absolutely!

One way to make money with your brand is to turn it into promotional products!

Promotional products are a great tool to increasing brand awareness.

Recently, I hired a dog groomer and she gave me a logo-branded key chain. Do you think I will keep that and call her next time I need a groomer? You bet I will!

Create a memorable product with your logo applied to it. One of my favorite products I tried was chocolates. When I passed that out to prospects, people remembered me for sure!

Turn your logo into a golf shirt or baseball cap. Wear it around town and you will be promoting yourself, building name recognition, sparking conversations, and yes, resulting in more leads and sales!

And you can turn your products into sellable items. Yes, you can make money from selling your logo branded products! A professional products consultant can help you find the best deal for high volume products, or if you want to create the items on demand, try CafePress or Zazzle.

But again, make sure your logo is consistently applied. And make sure it is applied with excellence!

By following these ideas, you will not only increase name recognition, you will make money with your brand!

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