Marketing Strategies for Women–Implement Key Offline Marketing Methods

A marketing strategy is essential for you as a woman in business. Perhaps you are already a stay at home mom but need a way to earn some extra money. Or you may be stuck in the corporate world desperately wanting out so you can spend time with your family. You may be a seasoned business woman but are feeling stagnated. You might be an artist or writer, passionate about your craft, but you hate marketing.

Whatever your particular situation, how can you develop an effective marketing strategy that will propel your business to the next level? Or, if you’re just starting out, how can you get your business on a good, solid footing? If you are an artist or writer and hate marketing, how can you be better at promoting yourself?

One idea is to implement offline marketing methods.

Decide how you are going to duplicate your brand. One essential would be business cards. Design professional ones and keep them with you at all times. Have prepared a 30 second elevator pitch. What’s that? It’s the quick answer to the question, “So what do you do?”

When conversations naturally lend themselves to handing out your card, give one to your prospect and say, “You may or may not be interested, but I have this free….” Develop a free offer that your prospect can easily download online and have this printed on your cards.

Be sure to put your photograph on your card and all marketing materials. Be consistent with your brand. This lessens confusion and builds credibility with your prospect or customer.

Keep checking back for more ways to implement offline marketing in your business! I will be posting more in upcoming days!

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Can’t wait to get started on building an authentic identity! Join me in a journey to unmask your brand identity today!


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