My Latest Disaster Reminds Me to Backup My Computers

Well, disaster struck last night. It happened. My son dropped my Macbook and the hard drive is possible permanently damaged.

Two weeks of work lost. Mostly my article marketing. That’s primarily what I do on my laptop.

Fortunately, I had backed it up before. Most everything is on there. But those two weeks are hard to let go of. I am devastated and discouraged.

But this is progress. Last summer my hard drive crashed and I had NO backup. That hurt.

I at least had set up a manual process. But honestly, it’s one more thing that takes effort. I have too much to think about.

I love how my backup service, Carbonite, automatically backs up my iMac. I never have to worry about it. I can access the disk anywhere.

If my laptop survives, you can bet I will be adding that computer. It’s just not worth it to lose all that work!

What about you? Have you considered an automatic backup service? Are you REALLY going to manually backup your laptop or desktop? What happens if disaster strikes? What will it cost you in time, money, and frustration?

Backup those files today. Believe me, you will not regret it when disaster strikes!

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