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Marketing Strategies for Women–Implement Key Offline Marketing Methods

A marketing strategy is essential for you as a woman in business. Perhaps you are already a stay at home mom but need a way to earn some extra money. Or you may be stuck in the corporate world desperately wanting out so you can spend time with your family. » Read more..

Brand Identity Marketing-My New FREE 10 Day Mini-Video Course!

These days, gaining brand visibility over a wide variety of mediums is crucial to a successful business, especially for online marketers.

But in order to be effective, your brand must soar above the competition!

How? By creating a compelling brand based on your authentic identity!

Announcing my new free video » Read more..

Tips To Start Your Own E Business – 12 Steps to Creating an Online Presence!

So you want to start your own e business. After all, Internet marketing is hot. Not long ago I heard a statistic that more people look on Google to search for businesses than the yellow pages. More and more people buy online. It is a huge, growing market and one » Read more..

Small Business Women Start Up-How to Market Your Product of Service for Free!

So you have a vision for your business, you’ve started your company or signed up as an associate for a direct selling organization. You have built your brand. You are ready to start flying!

But your budget is tight. Perhaps you don’t even have a budget!

Thankfully, with the advance » Read more..

Car Magnets Advertising–The Pros and Cons and How to Do It

Car magnets advertising is a very affordable way to get your name out there to the general public. Just think–you are driving down the road and thousands of people are seeing your brand over and over again!

But what are some of the drawbacks of magnetic car advertising? And how » Read more..

Branding in Marketing–Make Your Brand Sizzle by Designing a Unique Logo!

Here is my latest video in my series, Make Your Brand Sizzle!

What does it take to make a sizzling brand? A uniquely designed logo! Find out more in this video.

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Want more videos? I will be announcing an exciting new FREE video series soon! I’m in busy production mode! » Read more..

My Latest Disaster Reminds Me to Backup My Computers

Well, disaster struck last night. It happened. My son dropped my Macbook and the hard drive is possible permanently damaged.

Two weeks of work lost. Mostly my article marketing. That’s primarily what I do on my laptop.

Fortunately, I had backed it up before. Most everything is on there. But » Read more..

Advertising Your Name As An Author-Why You Need A Brand

So you’re writing that novel you’ve always wanted to write and you’re thinking of sending out query letters and book proposals. Or maybe you’ve decided to go the self-publishing route and have your book on Amazon.

You get that nod from a publisher and that’s it, right? Or you stick » Read more..

Branding in Marketing-Make Your Brand Sizzle by Knowing Your Audience!

Here’s my second installment in my new video series, “Make Your Brand Sizzle!”

Learn why your audience is so important when building a brand!

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For more ways to make your brand sizzle, download my free report at Make Your Brand Sizzle!

Want to get started immediately? Get started right away » Read more..

How To Start Business Without Money-4 Steps that Will Make Your Dream Into Reality

So you want to start a business and you have no money. How can you make your dream a reality?

In today’s Internet age, it is more than possible!

Here are some ideas to help you in your endeavor:

1) First think about what you are passionate about. What do » Read more..